“This Time Next Year” Book Review

Heya! So finally you found my post and thought of reading it… Thanks! Well before, I get in to the book review, I just wanted to say – Thanks – to all the people who have followed me. These months have been hard in a quarantine. But your love and support makes my day brigeter and happier ☀😁❤

Now let’s get into the book review where I discuss about the pros and cons of the book!

Book Review in a few words —

Minnie Cooper is a 30year old and all her life she has been pitty-ed by her mother for having a bad luck because someone stole her name…. Someone who took her luck. She faces business losses and relationship problems. It’s a perfect YA read!

Plot —-

So there is this girl named Minnie who is 30year old. And guess what? Her bday is on the New year’s Eve! Now tell me how many of you have a jinx on your bday?! How terrible would be that? Well Minnie has it. She is scared of her bday and the New Year’s eve coz that’s the day when nothing can get more worse! 😖 She runs into things, looses her precious coats, gets vomitted on and what not!

And Minnie’s mom considers thatvit happens because she was born with a wrong name! The name which was supposed to ber hers was stolen! As she grows her luck becomes worse and worser than ever! She faces a huge loss on her pie 🍰 business, looses her best friend, breaks up with her boyfriend AND meets the person who stole her name! Can she forgive the man? What will she do?

What I liked about the Book —

Its ony favourite list now , so it will be kinda hard to jott down only SOME points! I can write a complete essay on why I love that book 😆. But here are a few reasons why… (Do I sound like 13reasons why?😂) —–

1. This is a book which you read and feel that the book has been written AFTER the MOVIE is released. Like really. Why? Because the author, Sophie Cousens, has so perfectly described each and every detail of each person’s life that you just can’t get that book down and it feels like you are watching a movie , having a peep into everyone’s life!

2. Did you like “DaVinci Code” By Dan Brown? You did? Then what are you waiting for?! Go and buy this book NOW! This book makes you travel back in time. Like, now you are in 2020….and then bbom! Welcome to 1993. Then again-2015. By this way, the author by this way has given a clear view of what the life if each character was and how they met.

3. The story has been described in such a way that you can’t put it down. I love the way the characters have been linked. You won’t even realise it’s just a story unless you complete it. It like, you are that invisible creature having a peep into everyone’s life!

But it was the opposite with this book. My mouth was hanging open all the time 😆😮

What I didn’t like about the book —

This will be hard….. I have brain-stormed about this for over an hour and I still don’t find anything that I didn’t like about the book. Every page, every chapter, every character has some uniqueness which just binds you into the story!

Final Thoughts —

I personally LOVED the book! It’s really rare for a person like me who judges a book a thousand times before writing a review, but I must admit that it’s just AWESOME! 🥳 You HAVE to read it man! I am eagerly waiting when it will release so I can buy it’s physical copy!

That’s it. It was my book review of “This Time Next Year” by Sophie Cousens. I had a great time reading this ❤ I hope you do too! Anyways, I hope you and your family are safe and in a GREAT SPIRIT! Enjoy your quarantine with your family and do let me know your thoughts about this review.😁 Until then.. Bubye 🤗

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Disclaimer- I got the free EBook of this book in exchange of an honest review.


2 thoughts on ““This Time Next Year” Book Review

  1. Yay just followed you on Goodreads 🙂 One thing I’ve been missing during this quarantine is the LIBRARY!!!! I wish it was open where I am. I just purchased a few books based off some Goodread reviews and I am eager to get them in my hands. I love book review blogs because people who read books are awesome! I will definitely bookmark this book for my next book purchase. 🙂 Cheers!

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