“Book Thief” book review

Great! So before you even THINK of reading this book… Make sure you get a box of tissues and loads of handkerchiefs for you gonna cry your eyes out!

Hello guys! It’s Jennice and I am back with yet another book review! Yay! (I will make it sound like a YouTube video intro coz I don’t have one) . So, a lot of you guys have requested it’s review and it’s finally heeeree! Thats it. Thats my intro. I won’t make you feel bored. So without any delays, leets get into the book review! 😁

Plot —-

The book is narrated by Death(just so you don’t get confused who the narrator is) So, the story revolves around a nine year old girl(as she is in the beginning of the book) and her experiences in a Foster Family during the Nazi Rule. Leisel, loses her brother on her last train journey before getting into her Foster Family and thats when Death met Leisel for the 1st time. She is devasted and neither does she want to live with foster parents. But she doesn’t know the series of happenings that’ll follow her from that moment when she attends her brother’s funeral. She notices that one of the graveyard diggers dropped his book manual. And that’s the first time when she steals a book. Of course, she couldn’t read it but it’s a matter of fact, that she always treasured it until her Foster father(Hans Huberman) decided to read it to her every night.

Things get better when she finally gets adjusted in her Foster Family and gets a friend – Rudy Steiner. Then death describes all the fun had over the years. But suddenly, Rudy Steiner is asked to get himself enrolled in one of the Hitler Youth. And thats not all. A jew, Max Vandenberg, is hiding in Leisel’s house while the Nazis check each and every house of the country to find the Jews….. Can Leisel survive these situations? Can she avoid the meetings she has with death? Will she learn something or just get shattered?

What I love about this Book —

1. It gives a character sketch of each character.

To explain this point, I will say you have to READ this book. Like, the book gives each character some speciality and each one of them contributes to the story in some or the other way. Everything makes Leisel realise ber faults, weaknesses, strengths etc. So, it reminds me of how each person in our life has some special significance when it comes to learning something from them.

2 . The way of writing

I completely loved the way the story was described. There are some books that I don’t like because some things are explained a bit too much…. But it wasn’t the same with this one. I thoroughly enjoyed each and every part of it and each sub-story left an everlasting impression on me.

3. The setting

Yeah, the setting is what I look forward to most of the time. I mean, you can’t imagine a story without knowing WHERE it is happening or what’s the vibe there… Here the author, Markus Zusak, has clearly explained every situation in a lovely way. He has explained the 19th century in a way we can’t imagine. Everything is just perfect!

In short, I’ll come conclude that I LOVE this book from my whole heart ❤(and body and mind and hands and legs and from ever part of my body!) It’s a must read (as I included in my 5must read books during lock down post!) . I wish I could read this over again with the same enthusiasm I had when I read it for the first time.

That’s it. I will keep this book review a bit short coz I am at loss of words to express my love for this classic! In case you wanna know more or have book recommendations, you can always comment them down and I’ll reach out to each one if you. Here are some of my handles if you would like to have a look at them —

Twitter –https://twitter.com/MishraJennice?s=09

Goodreads- https://t.co/6MF6u78BJM?amp=1

Amazon – https://t.co/accvGPzFUr

And if you are an author and want your book reviewed, feel free to contact me anytime! I hope you guys have a great weekend or weekday and are safe with your family! Have an awesome day! Thanks a loot l

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6 thoughts on ““Book Thief” book review

  1. This book has always been on my huge TBR but I still havent got round to buying or reading it!!! I’ve read this review and now I absolutely have to read it. I love your blogging style, super relaxed but really persuasive and informative..xxxxx

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  2. Yessss, this book is so good!! One of my really good friends yelled at me for YEARS before I read this, and it is absolutely fantastic!!! Definitely a favorite!

    Along with it being a great book … I really liked your review! To the point and fun! Nice job 😁

    Liked by 1 person

  3. I am totally guilty of having watched the movie and not reading the book. I did love the movie very much and will definitely put the book on my TBR now.


  4. Hello there! I could have sworn I’ve been to this website before but after browsing through some of the post I realized it’s new to me. Nonetheless, I’m definitely glad I found it and I’ll be book-marking and checking back often!

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