Book Review of “Breathtaking” by Courtney T. Bond.

Long time no see, huh? Well I’m back again after a long reading slump. I don’t know why, sometimes I just don’t feel like reading but I keep on buying books. Am I the only one? Do let me know in the comments section.

Okay. So now to business 😉 Let’s talk about the thing why you actually clicked on my blog post. So, I read “Breathtaking” By Courtney Turcotte Bond and here are my thoughts about it!

The Plot

Cara Ecrivain and Adam Aethhers are just neighbours. Well, let me rephrase it – They are soulmates and best friends since they were babies. They’ve always known each other. Always. And may be the window by their rooms was their connection point. Cara loves to write and since childhood has written stories and shared it to Adam in those tiny talks through their windows. But this set up is not as cute as it sounds. Cara’s father is alcoholic and her mother would rather clean their house and wear her best dresses for the people to look at her, rather than caring for her daughter. To the outer world, Ecrivain family is all – Fancy and Perfect. But inside it, are dark hidden secrets and Cara is stuck in those. Adam and her journalism class are the only escape for Cara. ….. But not every thing is the same forever. Things change, people do. Adam suddenly takes football in his high school and well Cara is left with herself. How far will she go as she starts losing her loved ones one by one and most importantly– HOW does she deal with these…. ?

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My Thoughts

Okay. Oh my god. This book… It’s pure art. I just don’t know how I’ll express my feelings in this section but I’ll try my best to put my thoughts together and jot down those feelings in the best way!

What I liked about the book–

1. The characters

Courtney Turcotte Bond has done an amazing job with the characters. Truly speaking, these characters were so realistic that you can actually relate to them and the author just puts life to them!

2. The concept

Seriously, every YA books I read, the protagonists end up together. (Don’t worry it’s not a spoiler) But here I just loved the vibe Cara and Adam had with each other. Like authors please understand that – girls and boys can be friends without having to be couples godamn! (I’m sorry I had to get it off my chest.) And Ms. Bond has just understood the point and maintained that funky and cheerful vibe between the characters!

3. The Flow

The flow according to me is the most important part of a book. No matter how amazing the main idea behind it might be, but it’s the flow that intrigues the reader to actually complete the book. And Breathtaking had that flow we all love. It starts from Cara and Adam being kids and takes us through a journey from junior grade to high school and more. Their were substories that were so beautifully presented that makes you want to drop everything and crawl back to the book!

4. The Ending

Don’t worry. We don’t have spoilers here. I’ll just say that the ending was – realistic. Even if it broke my heart, I’ll say, the author did justice to the characters. I believe, that the books that can make me cry and laugh at the same time are pure gold! I was shattered. Yet, I loved the book.

I seriously don’t know how to put my thoughts together at this point. I just completed that book yesterday and had to sit for 1 hour straight trying to analyse everything I just went through in the past days with the book. And I also learnt a great amount of things, which I can’t share as that’ll ruin your reading experience.

I would recommend this book to anyone reading this. It’s beautiful. Also, I’m having an author interview with Ms. Courtney Bond shortly, so if you have any questions please feel free to drop those in the comments or just reach out to me through Twitter DMs (@MishraJennice). Make sure you’re following the amazing author, Ms. Bond at (@courtney_t_bond) and I’ll meet you guys soon in the next review. Until then, byee~ 🤗💜

Disclaimer- I was sent a free copy if the novel in exchange of an honest review on my blog. But this doesn’t affect any of my views and all my opinions hold true.

Disclaimer 2- Some pictures are directly taken from Pinterest and edited. The credits go to Charllete from and Buzzfeed.


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