What Book are you reading now?

Hello Bookworms ! Lockdown’s given a lot time for reading huh? I am also on my cozy couch holding an eBook. Well it’s just a normal post an I wanted to know what y’all are reading right now! I might read them next. Do let me know. Have a great day and stay safe!

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5 must read Books during this Lockdown

Bored in this lockdown?! Of course you are! Then I have got the right thing for you organized if you are a bookholic–

1. Animal Farm

Never heard of it before? Then you live under a rock! No worries I’ll tell you why it’s so famous and why it goes in the must-read list. It’s a story about an Animal farm, where the animals break free from the master and live an independent life. So what’s interesting? Well, every of it’s animal represents types of people in our society. This is why this books is considered to be one if the best book of Sociology.

2. Aristotle and Dante Discover The Secrets Of The Universe

Stop before you judge this book as a scientific one! Now, if you are a lover of Young-Adult genre…. Then it’s a MUST READ. This book is the winner of many awards including the Pulitzer Prize 🏆. This book features to boys named Aristotle and Dante who become best friends. What’s strange is – they are complete different traits and habits! Yet, they continue their journey in knowing the world better but little do they know what’s gonna get unveiled in Their Worlds!

3. Maze Runner

I bet you have never read any fictional book as thrilling as this! (Let me exclude Harry Potter or your fav boook) Like it got my heart beat fastened in EVERY SINGLE PAGE! So this book is basically about a group of boys who land one by one in a unknown place(The Glade) where they are surrounded by a maze which changes it’s pattern EVERY SINGLE NIGHT! And they try to solve the pattern snd try to get out of the maze. But watch out! There’s lot more snd I ain’t giving you spoilers. So you better grab your phone and start reading it’s E-book . Note – Read the book before watching it’s movie. You’ll regret if you go the other way round….

4. Everything Everything

This is my fav book and I have like read it 20-30 times. So, what’s so great about this book? Everything ! 😂 Yeah, this books might seem common to you guys but if you try thinking it over you will reach to amazing results. This book is about a girl who suffers from SCID and hasn’t gone out if her house for 18YEARS. (And we are bored with just 1month of lockdown 😒) Anyways, so her life gets interesting when a boy moves next door which makes her realise about the outer world and makes her desperate! Will she go out and does something happen to her ? Read it and you’ll love it! Note- Same as the above one’s . Read it before watching it’s movie.

5. The Book Thief

History. Yes. This book might seem voluminous but it’s just worth a read. It’s about a girl who is a victim of Hitler and his harsh treatments! No, she is not a Jew. But she lives in a Foster family. Even her family are not Jews. So what’s wrong? Her loved ones are……Her bestfriend, her father’s friends…

Didn’t find your favorite book? Write to me about it and I might read it and will definitely right about it! For now, stay safe and keep on reading books! (E-Books)