Review Policy

As a reader I know the value of reviews. I myself, before buying a book, take reference from a lot of book reviews or book tube videos. So I know how much these reviews mean to an author. That is why, I would love to read yours and leave an honest review on Amazon Goodreads or on my blog post. But how to reach out to me? How to send me a review copy? When can I review your book? You’ve got answers to all the questions like this, here –

Commonly asked questions

1. How can you get me to review your book?

It’s very simple. You can access my email ID through my contact page and leave an email with a blurb of your book attached. As I get a lot of emails everyday, I might not notice yours the day you send it. But I promise to try my best to reach out to each and every of your requests. Then, my following reply will talk about when I can review your book or if I am interested or not. 🤗

2. When can I review your book?

I know a lot of authors want their book reviewed on their publication date or the following week. But please understand that I get a lot of requests as well. So do send me your publication date along with your review request email. This way we can fix a date when I can drop a review for you. I always prefer choosing the date which is most preferable to both me and the authors. This way we can have a good relationship and we can grow together.

3. How to send me a book?

Physical books or ARCs

Physical copy of books are highly appreciated. So if you’re willing to send me one, then please mention that in the email. I will provide you my address. Now, it’s a inconvenience that I don’t live in the US which makes sending books a hell lot difficult. But there is this service – INGRAM SPARK, that you must check out. It can send me a book (different than your country) at a very very reasonable price.

E-Arcs and EBooks

But we all know that most authors do not have a physical copy of their books themselves. Meaning they have a kindle edition. So in that case, I would prefer a PDF file or a file that I mention in my reply-email. Also, sending and Amazon Kindle gift would work too! It’s just so simple.

4. Where do I review the books?

I review all the books on Amazon, Goodreads, on my blog and also promote them on Twitter. So it’s a win win situation. You get your book reviewed and I get to read your amazing book. Also I’ll provide you my links of all the above mentioned websites in my reply email.

5. Do I have any other policies ?

Yes I do! I usually hold author interviews where I ask them interesting questions. In this was indie authors get a lot of popularity they deserve.

Along with that, I also post blog posts of the new book releases and books on sale that month. So it’s an amazing opportunity for all the authors to get their target audience as I have over 2.5k+ followers on Twitter who frequently read my posts . Plus, my blog followers would love your books too!

I guess that sums it all? Make sure you follow me on Twitter. Also, if I miss any email by chance…. Hit me up with a Twitter DM!

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I’M NOT OPEN TO DOING REVIEWS AT THE MOMENT. I’ll gradually respond to your emails one by one but if I don’t, please understand the fact that I have my reasons of closing this. I’ll probably update about it later . Thank you so much for all the love.