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  • Interview with Miss Brooke Ellis, the author of “The Closeted Princess”

    Heya people! This is Jennice and I have a very special guest today who is non other than Miss Brooke Ellis, the author of the most intriguing kids novel, “The Closeted Princess”. In this interview Miss Ellis will be talking about her writing experiences, the challenges she faces while writing a book, advice she’d give to young and new writers , and at the end we have some fun questions to know more about the author and her preferences! 😆

    JM : Hello Miss Ellis. Thanks a lot for agreeing to be a part of my June-interview spree! How have you been lately?

    BE : I am doing great, Jennice! Thanks 😁

    JM : Your new debut novel “The Closeted Princess” is out now. What do you expect from it? And what do you want to young mass to learn from it?

    BE : I’d like for it teach children that it is ok to be themselves and to love who they love, regardless of gender. I hope that it can help to normalise different sexualities and create a more accepting, open-minded generation for the future. No one should be made to feel ashamed of who they are, or made to feel that something is ‘wrong’ with them. It’s so important for young kids to see representations of themselves in the media as they grow up, and know that their feelings are normal and valid. So, I hope that there will be more and more stories like this in the future.

    JM : That’s some really good thought there! Here’s a question I’ve been longing to ask you – What comes first – Plot or Characters?

    BE : For me, the plot comes first, but the characters come very soon after. They’re very much interlinked. As the character’s evolve, the story does too, and vice versa.

    JM : Writing a novel for children is quite hard as you’ve to imagine things from the perspective of a 10year old. So, how did you develop your plot and characters?

    BE : Mostly daydreaming; I think up a lot of ideas in my head, long before I write anything down. I often know how the story will end before I start writing, and then I figure out all the details in between. With characters, I try to think of a flaw for them to overcome throughout the story.

    JM : While writing a book, the plot and characters are really important. But many readers get attracted towards a book just by it Title. So title obviously plays an important part in a book. How did you come up with your title?

    BE : To be honest, there wasn’t too much of a thought process behind it. Once the idea for the story came to me, the title followed very quickly after. The title is very simple, but I think a lot of the time, the simpler the better.

    JM : The book beautifully describes the LGBTQ COMMUNITY. This is something that all kids should be taught from a tender age. What made you think that you could introduce such characters in your book? Is it because you wanted to teach young kids some moral values or is it because of something else?

    BE : I think it’s important that everyone gets a chance to feel included in fairytales. For both children and adults, seeing a character or someone in the media that represents you, can massively boost your self-esteem. Stories and characters like these are needed in society, to show young kids that it is completely ok to be who they are and to love whoever they love. It’s a story that I wanted to see, and so, it’s the story that I decided to write.

    JM : “Before finding your true love, you must find yourself”
    This is one of the most beautiful lines of the book. What significance does this line hold for you? Is it based on a true life experience?

    BE : I think it’s just important for young kids to know that finding ‘true love’ isn’t the ultimate goal in life. We all need to allow ourselves time to figure out who we are and who we want to be.

    JM : Now moving on to some Writing related questions that I assume, most of our readers are expecting. There are a lot of young writers and some new ones. So probably your answers will help them a lot. But firstly I would love to know more about your writing space… How is it like?

    BE : At the moment, I just sit on my bed with my laptop and write. Nothing special at all haha 😊

    JM : I must say that’s a very cozy place to write! I don’t know about others but personally I love listening to music while completing my homeworks. Is it the same with writing? Do you listen to music while writing? If yes, what kind?

    BE : I don’t often listen to music whilst I’m actually writing. But, I listen to music all the time when I’m thinking up ideas in my head. It helps me to imagine different scenes throughout the story. E.g listening to a sad song, will often help me to create and develop a sad scene.

    JM : We got to know a lot about your writing preferences and I am quite sure a lot of people will be inspired by it. Thanks a lot for sharing your thoughts with us. Now it’s time for some fun! It’s “Rapid fire question round! ” Ready?

    BE : Sure!

    JM : Morning person or Night owl?

    BE : Morning Person 😊

    JM : Tea or Coffee?

    BE : Tea (and biscuits!)

    JM : Paperback or EBook?

    BE : Paperback! I much prefer holding and reading from a physical book.

    JM : Moving on to our final question – What is something you’d advice to all the young writers or new self-published authors out there?

    BE : I’m still learning a lot of things myself to be honest. I would just say to keep going and believe in the story that you want to tell. Though, It’s easier said than done. I always struggle to find the motivation to actually sit down and write, but that’s ok! Everyone goes at their own pace.

    JM : That was a fun interview with Miss Brooke Ellis. Thanks a lot for your time Miss Ellis. And to all the readers out there, Miss Ellis’s book is out NOW! Do check it out by clicking HERE as it’s FREE till June 5 . So what are you waiting for?! Grab your copy NOW!

    Hoping you all are doing well. Until next time, stay safe and look out for more interviews during the June-interview spree!

    [In the above Interview JM refers to me, Jennice Msibr

    Brooke Ellis is a profound author . She has published her book “The Closeted Princess” On May 1 2020. Connect —

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  • “Keys to the Kingdom:Mister Monday” Book Review

    It’s been a long time since I last posted. Mainly because I was too involved with books….? Yes! I was so into books that I couldn’t bring myself to write a book review. Anyways guys, I just read this amazing book by Garth Nix and here are my thoughts on this book!

    Plot —-

    Arthur Penhalington is just another school boy. It’s his first day on his new school where he gets another of his Asthma attacks and faces a hard time breathing. That’s when he sees a rather old looking person on a cart being pushed by a man who has long hair and a black robe. He overhears them to find that their names are Sneezer and Will.

    “We can pass on the key to someone and not worry for the next ten thousand years”

    Arthur believes it’s just a part of his hallucination during his asthama attacks. But little does he know that these people will be handing him some kind of key that’ll lead to a series if unexpected actions.

    The key is nothing but a minute hand of some clock. And surprisingly the key helps Arthur breathe. Like ACTUALLY BREATHE LIKE ANY OTHER NORMAL PERSON. So he considers the key as a boon. But he doesn’t know what to do with the little book of maps that was handed over to him. He experiments with it and finds out that the key has some magical powers like any other fantasy book would have!

    I assub

    So gradually he notices a building that was quite not there at his locality but it appeared suddenly out of nowhere. Interestingly, only Arthur can see it.

    The story continues when some dog faced creatures start following him in school and every literal place possible.

    The story finally comes to it’s main theme when his school is set on fire and he discovers there’s some kind of sleeping disease being spreaded so everyone is in quarantine. Arthur learns that it’s is only him who has to get a cure and save the world by fighting creatures and facing some unexpected things.

    My Thoughts —

    This book was lying around my house since I was like in 6th grade and I finally decided to read it out of boredom during this quarantine. Am I glad I did? Hell yess I am! I had this bad notion about fiction ever since I read a bad fiction book but this book just opened the doorway to my interest in fiction again. Now I’ll just sort out the pros and cons of this book in the next section.

    What I liked about the book –

    1. Characters

    Seriously, after the Harry Potter series I didn’t quite find any good fictional book. So partly it was my fault for judging a complete genre based on a single book, but this book has such amazing characters that it’s just like you are watching it’s movie. Believe me, every character has some speciality and some unique power! I loved it because this adds some extra details to the book.

    2. The Setting

    If you read my blogs you probably would have figured out by now, that I give utmost importance to the setting. My point is, I find it difficult to read a book without getting to imagine where the characters are actually in. And in this book, author Garth Nix, has marvelously presented the setting by specifying the surrounding of each scene. What’s more interesting is that each scene is like COMPLETELY different from the other one. If you are a Harry Potter or Charlie and the chocolate factory’s book fan, then you’d definitely love this book

    3. The Flow

    Seriously, this is the MOST IMPORTANT thing in a story. I tend to loose interest in the first 10 pages if the story doesn’t have a flow. And this book, just like any other Good book maintains an amazing flow.

    What I didn’t like about this book —-

    I will be honest here. I judge a book a lot. Like a hell lot before dropping a review or suggesting it to someone . So in this section I will express my true and honest Dislikes about this book.

    1. The Description of characters

    I said in the above section that the characters were described well. But they were described more in their abilities. I didn’t quite get to imagine them properly. Meaning, the author didn’t give me a description of the physical appearance of the characters.

    2. Predictable

    The story was simply predictable since the beginning. I knew what was going to happen at the end and who was going to turn out as what. Yeah, at some point I just turned over a few pages without reading and found myself reading what I predicted.

    Final Thoughts—

    You must be thinking I am probably crazy as I was continuously flipping my thoughts but this is what I felt reading this book. I enjoyed it coz it gave me a good experience but talking about the plot, I was highly disappointed with the predictable thingy. I guess it is solely not meant for my age group but I would recommend it to my younger cousins so that they get to read an amazing fiction novel!

    It’s probably one of the longest book review I ever wrote . So if you are still reading this, thanks for sticking along and reading this whole thing. If you have Twitter, you can find me Fangirling over books, there as well. So if you expect more bookish content, you can follow me there by clicking on the menu bar just right above on your screen. Do let me know your thoughts on this book if you’ve ever read it and what you are reading currently. Feel free, to leave any feedbacks . Lastly I hope you are doing well and you and your family are safe! Until next time – Buh-bye!

  • If I were a Rose….

    If I were a rose  —-

    You pluck me with your tender hands
    And adore me with your lovely eyes.
    You pull off all my beautiful strands
    And caress me in your beautiful disguise

    You fiddle with my petal and leaves
    And say you’d never give me up
    But at a certain point you just leave,
    When my parts start withering off…

    It’s just my fear and just a bad dream
    For I’ve made myself stronger
    I’ve grown out my thorns, fixed myself so firm
    So that no one can pluck me like you traitor.

  • “Book Thief” book review

    Great! So before you even THINK of reading this book… Make sure you get a box of tissues and loads of handkerchiefs for you gonna cry your eyes out!

    Hello guys! It’s Jennice and I am back with another book review! Yay! (I will make it sound like a YouTube video intro coz I don’t have one) . So, a lot of you guys have requested it’s review and it’s finally heeeree! Thats it. Thats my intro. I won’t make you feel bored. So without any delays, leets get into the book review! 😁

    Plot —-

    The book is narrated by Death(just so yu don’t get confused who the narrator is) So, the story revolves around a 9year old girl(as she is in the beginning of the book) and her experiences in a Foster Family during the Nazi Rule. Leisel, looses her brother on her last train journey before getting into her Foster Family and thats when Death met Leisel for the 1st time. She is devasted and neither does she want to live with foster parents. But she doesn’t know the series of happenings that’ll follow her from that moment when she attends her brother’s funeral. She notices that one of the graveyard diggers dropped his book manual. And that’s the first time when she steals a book. Of course, she couldn’t read it but it’s a matter of fact, that she always treasured it until her Foster father(Hans Huberman) decided to read it to her every night.

    Things get better when she finally gets adjusted in her Foster Family and gets a friend – Rudy Steiner. Then death describes all the fun they do over the years. But suddenly, Rudy Steiner is asked to get himself enrolled in one of the Hitler Youth. And thats not all. A jew, Max Vandenberg, is hiding in Leisel’s house while the Nazis check each and every house of the country to find Jews….. Can Leisel survive these situations? Can she avoid the meetings she has with death? Will she learn something or just get shattered?

    What I love about this Book —

    1. It gives a character sketch of each character

    To explain this point, I will say you have to READ this book. Like, the book gives each character some speciality and each one of them contributes to the story in some or the other way. Everything makes Leisel realise ber faults, weaknesses, strengths etc. So, it reminds me of how each person in our life has some special significance when it comes to learning something from them.

    2 . The way of writing

    I completely loved the way the story was described. There are some books that I don’t like because some things are explained a bit too much…. But it wasn’t the same with this one. I thoroughly enjoyed each and every part of it and each sub-story left an everlasting impression on me.

    3. The setting

    Yeah, the setting is what I look forward to most of the time. I mean, you can’t imagine a story without knowing WHERE it is happening or what’s the vibe there… Here the aithort, Markus Zusak, has clearly explained every situation in a lovely way. He has explained the 19th century in a way we can’t imagine. Everything is just perfect!

    In short, I’ll come conclude that I LOVE this book from my whole heart ❤(and body and mind and hands and legs and from ever part of my body!) It’s a must read (as I included in my 5must read books during lock down post!) . I wish I could read this over again with the same enthusiasm I had when I read it for the first time.

    That’s it. I will keep this book review a bit short coz I am at loss of words to express my love for this classic! In case you wanna know more or have book recommendations, you can always comment them down and I’ll reach out to each one if you. Here are some if my handles if you would like to have a look at them —

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    And if you are an author and want your book reviewed, feel free to contact me anytime! I hope you guys have a great weekend or weekday and are safe with your family! Have an awesome day! Thanks a loot n love ya ❤💜

  • “This Time Next Year” Book Review

    Heya! So finally you found my post and thought of reading it… Thanks! Well before, I get in to the book review, I just wanted to say – Thanks – to all the people who have followed me. These months have been hard in a quarantine. But your love and support makes my day brigeter and happier ☀😁❤

    Now let’s get into the book review where I discuss about the pros and cons of the book!

    Book Review in a few words —

    Minnie Cooper is a 30year old and all her life she has been pitty-ed by her mother for having a bad luck because someone stole her name…. Someone who took her luck. She faces business losses and relationship problems. It’s a perfect YA read!

    Plot —-

    So there is this girl named Minnie who is 30year old. And guess what? Her bday is on the New year’s Eve! Now tell me how many of you have a jinx on your bday?! How terrible would be that? Well Minnie has it. She is scared of her bday and the New Year’s eve coz that’s the day when nothing can get more worse! 😖 She runs into things, looses her precious coats, gets vomitted on and what not!

    And Minnie’s mom considers thatvit happens because she was born with a wrong name! The name which was supposed to ber hers was stolen! As she grows her luck becomes worse and worser than ever! She faces a huge loss on her pie 🍰 business, looses her best friend, breaks up with her boyfriend AND meets the person who stole her name! Can she forgive the man? What will she do?

    What I liked about the Book —

    Its ony favourite list now , so it will be kinda hard to jott down only SOME points! I can write a complete essay on why I love that book 😆. But here are a few reasons why… (Do I sound like 13reasons why?😂) —–

    1. This is a book which you read and feel that the book has been written AFTER the MOVIE is released. Like really. Why? Because the author, Sophie Cousens, has so perfectly described each and every detail of each person’s life that you just can’t get that book down and it feels like you are watching a movie , having a peep into everyone’s life!

    2. Did you like “DaVinci Code” By Dan Brown? You did? Then what are you waiting for?! Go and buy this book NOW! This book makes you travel back in time. Like, now you are in 2020….and then bbom! Welcome to 1993. Then again-2015. By this way, the author by this way has given a clear view of what the life if each character was and how they met.

    3. The story has been described in such a way that you can’t put it down. I love the way the characters have been linked. You won’t even realise it’s just a story unless you complete it. It like, you are that invisible creature having a peep into everyone’s life!

    But it was the opposite with this book. My mouth was hanging open all the time 😆😮

    What I didn’t like about the book —

    This will be hard….. I have brain-stormed about this for over an hour and I still don’t find anything that I didn’t like about the book. Every page, every chapter, every character has some uniqueness which just binds you into the story!

    Final Thoughts —

    I personally LOVED the book! It’s really rare for a person like me who judges a book a thousand times before writing a review, but I must admit that it’s just AWESOME! 🥳 You HAVE to read it man! I am eagerly waiting when it will release so I can buy it’s physical copy!

    That’s it. It was my book review of “This Time Next Year” by Sophie Cousens. I had a great time reading this ❤ I hope you do too! Anyways, I hope you and your family are safe and in a GREAT SPIRIT! Enjoy your quarantine with your family and do let me know your thoughts about this review.😁 Until then.. Bubye 🤗

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    Disclaimer- I got the free EBook of this book in exchange of an honest review.

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